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Five-function ratchet 1/4" 170mm

Five-function ratchet 1/4" 170mm - winner of the IF DESIGN AWARD 2017

Before a user attaches something that requires multiple tools, which can be inconvenient and frustrating, here's the question: why not combine everything together? Attaching can now be easier and more fun.

Therefore, the contractor decided to implement this idea, and a few years later it was realized.

The five-function ratchet can be used as a flexible ratchet, a handle extension, a screwdriver, a palm ratchet or a beam, these tools are commonly used for work at home (DIY). However, even though it is defined as a do-it-yourself tool, it still meets DIN and ANSI standards.

The body of the ratchet is made of aluminum alloy, so the ratchet is lighter and ensures stability. The five-function ratchet loosens and tightens screws using the palm of your hand, reducing the amount of force required compared to a traditional screwdriver that requires you to work with your wrist. The five-function ratchet can be turned much faster to loosen/tighten screws. The five-function ratchet has better torque when used with a flexible handle. When working on the ceiling, the five-function ratchet can work better thanks to its ergonomic and fast rotation. The five-function ratchet works better than the beam due to the rotation function.


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